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collaborate with a decorated, holistic hair stylist & coach on creating initiatives to become confidant & free.

encourage your divine urge to want high standard + low maintenance beautiful hair & an abundant, blessed life. i gotchu.

we'll inspire the world. i promise.





  • We don’t upsell

  • We don’t double book

  • We don’t accept tips

  • We don’t believe in masking

We believe in beauty.

beau·​ty / noun /ˈbyü-tē/

beau·ti·ful / adjective /ˈbyo͞odəfəl/

: delighting the senses or mind; full acceptance of who we are; constant refinement of becoming a better human. : pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically. : the quality or group of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or the mind; loveliness ​: possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc. : humane, helpful, patient, resilient, kind, loving, joyful, peaceful, attractive to look at, pleasing

energy work :

beauty.body.soul :

energy healing, holistic practices, recovery

hair services, life coaching, spirituality

: HIGH'R Healing

: specialties

herbalism, psychic mediumship, tarot

Redken Certified Colorist & Curl Specialist

once upon a time,

your girl was in survival mode for over 35 years. Little Shelly needed to be heard. She needed sustenance & nourishment. She craved love and healing. She made art. She is art.

a story about a body and a soul.

high standards, low maint



low maintenance"

we believe in principles-based learning which makes sessions an experience where guests get to learn about their specific needs and also the basic understandings of how everything works. this allows fresh homies to own the tools to take care of their body with the utmost respect with the least-amount of high quality resources. we also prefer to provide tested and approved resources so guests don't have to rely on marketplace manipulation.





i spent years creating neurodivergent & dyslexia friendly resources like habit trackers, medicine logs, self & mental care accountability worksheets, belief-work exercises, important book, pod and playlist recs, etc. to ride along with us on our journey. i like to tailor to each person's aesthetic, comfort and needs so make the experience more soothing and fun and less like a job or list of tasks

revive & recover
press & works


  • Savy Leisure & Michelle discuss the process of starting a business, being an artist and independent boss babe [spotlighting]. Watch here.

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