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NYC Holistic Hairstylist & Coach
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"My approach to beauty and life is realistic, artistic & therapeutic."

My mission for GFY STUDIOS is to create a magickal space where humans can live an intentional & enriched life aligned with the universe & their personal goals. As an artist with the superpower of cultivating meaningful relationships, I facet my holistic life practices, [yoga, meditation, herbalis, energy healer & spiritual business coaching] with over 2 decades of experience in the beauty industry as a master stylist & Life Coach. I teach and facilitate holistic principles & techniques with personalized sessions to both Sustain & Nourish our physical, emotional, & spiritual well being. be you. i'll help.

my agenda: low maintenance. simple & easy, natural & wild. beautiful.

michelle (signature)
Michelle Portrait

"I'm Michelle


Artist & Entrepreneur

an alarmingly independent  neuroqueer...

... nonconforming artist. I'm a licensed NYC Holistic Hair Stylist. I specialize in "hard" hair. Period. Give me your unruly, thick, impossible hair. Give me your thin, stringy, slow-growing hair. Give me all of your frizz. Give me a year to teach you how to sustain and nourish your hair and life."

David Allen Hammel, the cat

She’s got futurist bones and an autistic nature. She practices humaning with the utmost respect for her self and others. Identifying as an independent artist first and foremost, she's a creator inspired by love, rainbows & justice. A cat lady, an experiencer and a lover with a green thumb, her hobbies tend to serve her communities. Her usual refusal to identify is due to her ability to evolve in and out of identities like a kaleidoscope. Michelle is a nomadic New York Stater currently holding residency in Brooklyn curating vibes, healing souls, creating beauty & staying uniquely who tf she is while sharing her light with any and all who are ready.

Learn more about Michelle's accolades & experience here & here.

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