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High Standards, Low Maintenance | GFY STUDIOS is where Michelle spends a year with individuals teaching them the principles of how to care for their hair, skin, heart & soul in studio and online. She is a Redken Certified Colorist & Curly Hair Specialist of 25+ years and counting. You can find her holding residence in Union Square, NYC and several locations in Brooklyn and anywhere around the world she feels called to. Her brick & mortar, mobile and digital studios allow her to offer beauty & healing services with flexibility. Michelle is an intelligence dealer who shares the beauty industry's dirty secrets along with how to combat them. Hair services, energy healing and one-on-one coaching practices all go down at GFY STUDIOS. member rate | $200/hr non-member rate | $250/hr





high standards, low maintenance

  • holistic hair & skin principles

  • simple routines/rituals

  • regularly scheduled, flexible appts

  • $200/hr | tax+tip included | w/ membership

  • sliding scale

  • top tier, professional salon services from a Master stylist & Certified colorist specializing in precision cutting & curly hair for 25+ years

Michelle Hammel | me/her | neuroqueer; bisexual dyke vibe; holistic; audacious witch; indie artist; chronic entrepreneur; coach. Master Stylist | Redken Certified Colorist & Design Master Healer | HIGH'R Healing Herbalist, Light/Energy Worker, Psychic Medium, Mental Health Peer Support Facilitator & Mentor, Yogi in Recovery Artist | Market Haus Art & Resident Artist, Co-founder and Coach These forced combined with confidence and stability = magic

  • clipper, short hair, maintenance or precision haircut for existing guests within an 8 weeks of last service. [style, tax & tip included]

  • consult/check-in, haircut & shaping, "trim" or curly cut maintenance for existing guests within 3-months of last service. [wash, style, tax & tip included]

  • affirming transformation consult, haircut & design for new guests. book this if you're making a big change! [wash, style, tax & tip included]

  • consult/check-in, haircut & shaping or curly cut maintenance for new and existing guests after more than 3-months of last service. [wash, style, tax & tip included]

  • balayage, fashion colors, projects, color blocking, color correction for new and existing guests [wash, treatments, gloss, style, education, tax & tip included @ $250/hr]
    **discovery session required


Fresh in-studio sessions is where Michelle spends a year with you teaching principles of how to care for their hair, skin, heart & soul. Our goal is to achieve the lowest maintenance hair at the absolute highest standards for beauty and life. package starting at | $800 $200/hr

HIGH'R Healing

...a holistic healing & beauty practices path guided by energy work, herbalism, psychic mediumship, tarot, trauma revival and recovery. Michelle sustains and nourishes the balance between being a human person and all it's accoutrements, running a business without burnout and living a fruitful, enriched life tended by truth and love supported by communication & relationship skills and big dreams. package starting at | $1600

Your chakras are the energy centers of your body. Support your mind, body, and spirit by balancing the energy in your body to become happier, more engaged, fulfilled, and alert. When unbalanced or blocked, you can experience too much or too little energy. If you're feeling frustrated, apathetic, fearful, wayward, or a slew of other unhelpful energies, receive Chakra Balancing repairs that supports the flow of energy. | $50

This is a 1-on-1 in-depth energy reading where you are giving me the permission to channel your higher self and Spirit team to provide you deep guidance about your overall energy in this season and what you’re being called to tune into. | $75



  • required: Deposit & card-on-file

  • cancel/reschedule:

    • 72hrs prior to appt without penalty

    • less than 72hrs forfeit half session fee

    • late arrivals, no-shows forfeit full session fee, respectfully

    • contact Michelle for package/membership canceling

  • late arrivers: please call/text 585-315-7958

  • planning:

    • re-book before session ends

    • respect the cancel/reschedule policy

    • Sunday’s book up quick

  • no refunds.

  • discretion: I’m not a jerk about policy unless a pattern of disrespect is noted

  • sliding scale: For income: $0 - $25k, code FOREVER30 for 30% discount || $25k - $50K, code FOREVER20 for 20% discount


  • In-Studio: Michelle will update Current Residency real-time

  • Digitally: zoom link provided via email

Sliding Scale

|:| who are my people?

i chronically help & support:

  • people who want healthy, easy, natural hair

  • major life transitions

  • folks seeking work/life balance

  • anyone identifying as neurodivergent or disabled

  • queer folks seeking refuge, care and guidance in accepting what makes you YOU.

  • homies serious about change & becoming happy

  • folks willing and able to receive healing & guidance

  • people desiring and believing in a holistic lifestyle

  • needing belief in one's own power (aka: courage)

  • those serious about trauma recovery

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