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  • Sunday Service: Planning Meeting

Sunday Morning Michelle

  • Autistic Pride Circle

By Sylvia Cusack

We are an artist development, coaching and networking platform that empowers artists to build a life and career by discovering their own authenticity.

We recruit artists from the neurodivergent, queer, and other stigmatized communities. We offer them artistic mentorship and coaching for business, interpersonal relationships, design, and the art of collaboration.

QueerStarters are exposed to new markets, a platform and resources with which we have firsthand experience.


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Co-Founder Michelle Hammel

[ Artist, Coach & Entrepreneur ]


HI! I'm Michlle (me/her) I'm 40, autistic, bisexual-dyke artist and an independent, boss-babe healer to my core. I am steady on the path of truth and love and my identity evolves along the way. I'm formally educated & practiced in marketing, cosmetology, yoga & meditation, personal organization, interior and graphic design and I own and operate multiple businesses while coaching aspiring independents do the same. I've been building this community in heart over time with the sole interest in truly feeling safe. I am in recovery for C-PTSD which, for me, means it's in my best interest to cultivate safety and security for myself - I'd like to include others. COME CHILL WITH ME!


FUN FACTS: I like almost everything; I have a cat named David Allen; I was voted "most unique" in high school.

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