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Eclipse 2024 NYC
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show up for yourself

every sunday @ 09:00 EST


Sunday Service | Show up for yourself.



: a list, plan, outline, or the like, of things to be done, matters to be acted or voted upon, etc.

  • guides us (and our people & pets) through tasks, establish objectives and time frames.

  • saves time in your life for things like LIVING.

    • ie: skipping in the park, riding horses, rearranging your room, volunteering, kissing your cat's head, being funny and laughing, enjoying nature, eating broccoli, etc, etc, etc.

"my kind of church is one where we can commune, shoot the shit, enjoy good company and prepare for our world ahead." - Michelle

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  • build time management skills

  • avoid/manage burnout

  • create realistic plans

  • be an "on-time person"

  • learn to delegate

  • leave room for joy in your week

Tips for a Successful Planning Meeting

  • make it fun: stay high vibe

  • curate your environment

  • get comfortable: check sensory issues

  • tend to human basic needs before meeting

  • proper tools: calendar, journal, word doc, phone, tablet, sketch book, etc.


this will help with lingering responsibilities from draining our energy so that ideas and thoughts can flow freely in and out with ease.

Laptop on the beach with sunset

Let's BEGIN!

  1. follow the brain dump guide digitally or print out.

(hot tip: print one and put it in a plastic sleeve and use dry-erase markers. ty scarlett

  1. Michelle will facilitate the meeting using a timer and a reminder of all of the prompts. She'll also check-in and engage with anyone needing help or having an energy block.

Braindump Guide & PDF
Brain Dump Worksheet & Guide

reflective questions [15m]

  1. how was the week?

  2. how did i perform in my various roles as an adult?

  3. did i achieve the goals i set for myself?


  • Successes & Failures

    • what could i have done differently?

    • anything i need to follow up on?

top 20

  • format 20 ideas from your brain dump and Reflective Questions into a list


add to calendar:

  • time blocks

    • non-comm

    • creative day(s)/time

    • admin/manager day(s)/time

  • weather

  • domestics


  • admin/manager: best disposition and state of mind to deal with numbers, emails, phone calls, etc

    • example: a bunch of little tasks [2hrs] Monday mornings

  • brain dump: reduces stress, brings focus & clarity, de-clutters the mind, promotes organization & production, leaves space for creativity

    • important topics

    • goals for the week & month

    • review active projects

    • business activities i'd like to accomplish

    • domestic responsibilities

    • weather

    • self-care time

    • food & meal prep

  • creative day(s)/time:

    • example: full days, end of week, mornings, etc (usually in the late morning or early evening)

  • creative time block: when alertness and cognitive functioning are increased for heightened creativity

    • example: videos and content to record [3hrs] usually in the late morning or early evening

  • domestics: Tasks performed inside a household to ensure basic needs are met​

    • example: meal prep, eating times, vacuuming, laundry, dusting, floors, bathroom, groceries, pet care, exercise, etc.

  • non-comm: times when i'm not available for appointments, calls, social events, no-phone time.

    • example: i don't do anything between 9pm & 10am or between 1pm & 3pm for personal time)

  • weather: temperatures and notable weather conditions, best days to get nature, etc

    • example: admin/manager day on a day the weather is predicted to be shitty

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Sunday Service | Show up for yourself.

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