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Safe haus

Our mission is to cultivate a community that values trust, love, and compassion for the human condition at every intersection using the power of collaboration.

We are humans supporting humans


 ✔️feel safe, valued & seen

✔️build & create a compassionate community

✔️provide & receive peer support

✔️be your authentic self


This community is an ever-evolving team of passionate learners interested in cultivating trust & accountability.


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Founder & Collaborator Michelle Hammel

[ Artist Coach & Entrepreneur ]

HI! I'm Michlle (me/her) I'm 40s neuroqueer independent artist, coach, entrepreneur and healer to my core. I am steady on the path of truth and love and my identity evolves along the way. I'm formally educated & practiced in marketing, cosmetology, yoga & meditation, personal organization, interior and graphic design and I own and operate multiple businesses while coaching aspiring independents do the same. I've been building this community in heart over time with the sole interest in truly feeling safe. I am in recovery for C-PTSD which, for me, means it's in my best interest to cultivate safety and security for myself - I'd like to include others. COME CHILL WITH ME!


FUN FACTS: I like almost everything; I have a cat named David Allen; I was voted "most unique" in high school.

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